Search functionality available in the Cochrane Library

Release Information

If you are experiencing problems with the new search interface, please review Known Issues below, before reporting any problems to online customer support services.

Archive of search releases:

On December 15th, 2012, the Cochrane Library’s search interface received several updates and improvements. Several new features were introduced, including:

  • Did you mean? – Offers spelling suggestions for the search terms entered
  • Share a search – Allows users to easily share their saved searches via an e-mail link
  • Combine searches using ranges – Eliminates the need to type long strings of line numbers when combining searches
  • Alerts for saved strategies – Set monthly alerts for strings saved on the Search Manager tab
  • Print search with counts – Create a print-friendly version of your search with counts using a single click
  • Type MeSH directly in Search Manager – Users can now directly enter MeSH terms using the Search Manager tab. The syntax supports searching by one or more MeSH terms, turning on and off term explosion, limiting using a qualifier, and searching using Major concept only.

In addition, the following improvements have been made to the Cochrane Library search interface:

  • A confirmation message is now given before a user deletes a search
  • MeSH search will persist in the search box even if the user moves to another tab
  • A clear button is now provided on the MeSH tab
  • In search results, current issue information and total results across ALL databases are now being included in the display.
  • Icons in the Strategy Library on the Search Manager tab have been updated
  • Two issues with MeSH qualifier search are now fixed.
  • Qualifier limit is now being applied to specific terms correctly
  • Searching by qualifier only and using two or more qualifiers is now working correctly

For further details click here.

Patch Release - 27 October 2012

  • Print friendly option of textfile to word or spread sheet
  • Special Characters exports successfully resolved
  • MeSH search using limits to 2 or more qualifiers
  • MeSH search using qualifier only, resolved to give result rather than N/A
  • Multiple error messages removed
  • Searches must be saved with a user defined name, no default 'untitled' will be accepted.

Patch Release - 8 October 2012

  • Editing line in search manager after pressing result count causes lock - Fix released
  • Adding MESH term to first line of strategy does not display the MESH description - Fix released
  • Citation export - export is incompatible for special characters when imported to 3rd party software - Fix Released* - (Reference Manager - special characters export still a known issue)*
  • Citation export - export is incompatible for hyphen character when imported to 3rd party software - Fix Released for all known 3rd party software
  • Search Record ID- Unable to search on CN number for CENTRAL nor CD number for CDSR - Fix Released - Search using 'search all text' option.

Patch Release - 21 September 2012

  • Clicking result count on some modified lines in strategy does not return results: Fix Released
  • Loss of page styling when pressing return after entering search term quickly (On Firefox - Intermittent) : Fix Released

Current Known Issues

1. Copying and pasting Search results with Counts:

  • We know some searchers use “copy and paste” to capture copies of their searches with results. We have found that there are problems with this process depending on what browser you are using.
  • In October, we will be introducing an option to see a print friendly version of the search results that will work for all browsers. Until then here are recommendations for doing this
  • Interim solution to copy search results with counts from the Search Manager Page: Best Experience: Use Firefox
  • Cut and paste from Firefox into NotePad. Some cleanup is needed

  • "Enter terms for Search" is seen for all lines created in Search Manager. Search and replace this phrase with nothing
  • Counts for MeSH searches wrap to new line
  • Internet Explorer (additional cleanup needed):
  • Cleanup requires all the above fixes plus

  • Search lines created in search Manager duplicate the search terms
  • Chrome: Cut and Paste of search results from the Search Manager using Chrome DOES NOT WORK

2. Mesh searches using Qualifiers:

For MeSH searches with terms limited to specific qualifiers, some searches may give slightly higher counts than normal.  The search is finding all articles where the MeSH term and qualifier appear anywhere in the MeSH indexing instead of only those where the qualifier is applied to the MeSH term.  This issue will be resolved in December release.

3. Option to select if word variations are searched does not display in Internet Explorer 8:

In Internet Explorer 8, the link to turn on and off searching word variants, does not display in the Search limits options.  This will be resolved in December release.

4. Old Cochrane search box displayed by clicking login on framed page. (links redirect to correct search page)

This will be resolved in December release.

5. Search term not highlighted in IE 8 in search Manager.

This will be resolved in December release.

The Launch

On 15 September, Wiley introduced an improved search interface for the Cochrane Library.

These new search features have been developed in consultation with members of The Cochrane Collaboration.

The Cochrane Library users can now see major changes to the layout of search pages and can now use an exciting new range of search features including:

  • Auto-suggest features within both basic and MeSH search functions
  • Updated display of search results and filtering options
  • Ability to view search terms and results on the same page
  • Ability to insert lines and add one search to one another
  • Improved MeSH look-up feature
  • Hover-over Tool Tips giving a brief explanation of the functions

All previously saved searches have been transferred onto the new search platform, with no action required on the part of customers.

This launch was the first stage of a comprehensive programme to enhance search functionality and improve the search experience for all users of the Cochrane Library.