Anywhere Systematic Review

Any format, any device, any time

Wiley is proud of our new enhanced HTML Systematic Review: Anywhere Systematic Review.

Today, more than ever, we need access to information that is immediate, clear and communicable. As a member of the scientific community we serve, you will know how important it is to have access to that data, whenever you need it, and wherever you are.Anywhere systematic review appearence

The Anywhere Systematic Review focuses on improving the reading experience of reviews on the Cochrane Library in four simple ways:


Superfluous information and clutter have been removed so that readers can focus on the article.


The new layout and sidebar tray allow readers easy access to important information, such as references, at any point in the reading experience, without losing their place on the page.


As well as viewing items such as figures, table's and references in context, readers can use new tools to browse through all these items in one place, and quickly navigate to their context in the article.


The responsive HTML systematic review will adapt to any device - desktop, tablet, or mobile - to give the optimal reading experience.

How to submit a comment

To learn how to submit a comment on an Anywhere Systematic Review, please click here.

Social Media

If you are using the Enhanced Article view, please click ‘back to old version’ to access the Article Tools menu. At the bottom of the Article Tools menu, you can also find social media sharing options.


The following features are exclusive to Anywhere Systematic Reviews on the Cochrane Library:

Tables navigation

Sits in the left-hand side bar. Enables users to see a list of tables and navigate to them directly. Provides much improved linking between systematic reviews and tables.

Language switcher

Located at the top of abstracts and PLS's. Enables user to easily switch content into different languages where these are available.

Enhanced table presentation

Features scrolling tools to enable users to move through large tables easily on small screens, and also allows users to see data in the context of individual comparison tables.

Cochrane Clinical Answers links

In the related content section. Enables users to see clearly and access easily CCAs linked to the SR.

Redesigned elements

Elements such as “withdrawn from publication” and status icons have been redesigned to stand out more clearly.

Anywhere systematic review with translation to French

In addition, the following general features will be introduced:

Responsive design

Automatically optimizes the view, adjusting to the browser window or device screen size.

New look and feel

Clean, easy to read design to promote distraction-free reading.

Image viewer

In addition to being able to view nicely sized images in situ, also have the image viewer tool that enables the user to go through all images in the article and export them to PowerPoint.

Article navigation

Navigation side bars let the user navigate the article by information type.


User can navigate to reference detail without interrupting flow of the review. Users can also link directly to references in various abstracting and indexing services, such as PubMed.

View of a figure from Anywhere Systematic Review

How is Anywhere Systematic Review different from standard HTML?

  • It is specifically designed to be used anywhere, on any device.
  • It has a completely new look and feel to enable distraction-free reading.
  • It has a host of navigation tools, meaning that the reader can move about the systematic review without losing their place.
  • Information is provided in context, via overlays or via navigational aids.
  • Where non-English language content exists, users can switch languages easily
  • Users can easily view related content, such as Cochrane Clinical Answers.
  • Users can access publication data and other information, such as version history, easily.

Mobile device screen view

Why Choose Anywhere Systematic Review?

For years, readers have relied on PDFs as the primary means of reading journal research articles, despite the fact that HTML offers so much more interaction and discoverability.

We listened to the issues you faced with HTML, and prioritized how the content is viewed, from font choice, to page layout.

The article can be scanned for the scholarly and scientific information that is important to you, and then, if you choose, you can explore that information without losing your place in the article.

When Can I Start Using Anywhere Systematic Review?

Anywhere Systematic Review is available in the Cochrane Library from the Browse list or the Table of Contents page. Plus, you can view an article in the new ‘Anywhere Article’ format wherever you see this link.

Enhanced article text image

You’ll be able to view it easily on the device of your choice, at your convenience.